Geraldo Rivera Gets Into Argument With Fox News Host For Defending Trump’s Racist Tweets: “What The Hell!”

Geraldo was NOT happy.

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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera got into a semi-heated argument with Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth on Friday morning as the crew from the network’s flagship morning program and Rivera were discussing the ongoing saga of Donald Trump versus Rep. Ilhan Omar.

As the segment opened, Steve Doocy rolled a clip from inside the Oval Office of the President ostensibly trying to distance himself from attendees at his Wednesday rally in North Carolina who began the racist chant “Send her back!” by saying that he disapproved of the chant, and that it wasn’t him saying it, it was the people at the rally.

Geraldo was happy that the President had “disavowed” the chanters, although perhaps he hasn’t seen the additional footage of the President today calling them “incredible patriots.” But Geraldo has perhaps a perspective that is unique on the Fox set: He’s Puerto Rican. He’s actually heard all of the things that Trump said to the four Congresswomen his whole life, and in the same context — because he too is an American citizen, born here in fact, and every time someone has said it to him has been based on his ethnicity:


Go back to where you came from is the old racist trope, that all of us, ethnic or racial minorities have grown up with at various times. It is unforgivable, this day and age. I really lament it came up. I’m glad the president has said what he said.”

But Pete insisted the President’s original remarks weren’t racist, telling Geraldo that Trump “is not talking a race, he is talking about whether you love the country and appreciate it. And If you appreciate it, don’t love it, don’t want to work together, then maybe you go consider [leaving].”

Geraldo shot back:

What the hell?! C’mon Pete! This is their country. They are citizens of the United States.”

Back and forth the two went, with Geraldo telling Hegseth that he’d personally been in a number of physical altercations over exchanges like that, and Pete telling Rivera that the women were showing a “lack of gratitude” for being in America. “A lot of people are not grateful to be here,” Geraldo said. “Gratitude is not a requirement.”


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