George Conway Just Publicly Responded Directly To His Wife’s Tweet About Trump, Internet Responds With “Finally”

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In the ongoing Twitter saga of Kellyanne and George Conway, it’s kind of always seemed like George had the upper hand — his is by far the more popular position (against Trump), and he’s lawyer-smart and sometimes hilarious. But it’s always been a side-by-side comparison: Kellyanne tweets and George tweets, and you decide whose side you’re on.

Until today.

The two have always been the subject of much speculation about what it must be like inside their home and their relationship, even up to and including some conjecture that’s patently offensive and unfair, given that they’ve never put it on public display.


But everyone always wondered how it is that George could stand what were obvious lies by his wife, and the fact that she continues to not just work for, but stand by an awful, detestable man like Donald Trump. It’s clear that if George had been hired as a member of the Cabinet, he’d have resigned on principle by this point.

Today, however, Kellyanne tweeted a bit of sarcasm that George apparently just couldn’t abide. For the first time ever, George responded directly to his wife on Twitter using a quote tweet. After Kellyanne made a crack about “Sleepy Joe” being “Creepy Joe” and ridiculed the idea that Trump might have sought assistance from Ukraine to defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in 2020, George had one sentence in reply:

Now, you know that part in movies where the lead character does something by himself that he’s proud of and he says to no one in particular, “and the crowd goes WILD”?

That’s what just happened.

I can honestly say that I hope the two of them can move on from one another. She deserves a husband who supports her choices in life and he deserves a wife who doesn’t cape for the biggest piece of shit to ever sit in the White House.

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