George And Kellyanne’s Daughter Calls Out Her Parents’ Marriage On Twitter: “Sorry Your Marriage Failed”


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Social media has been abuzz the last few days with the high-profile addition of one Claudia Conway to its ranks. She’s the young daughter of Kellyanne Conway — Donald Trump’s top adviser — and George Conway, the co-founder of the “Lincoln Project,” the group of anti-Trump Republicans who have been trolling the president for more than a month now.

Claudia, impossibly, hates Donald Trump even more than her father, but for entirely different reasons: It turns out she’s a liberal. That’s different than George, who is a prominent Republican who just happens to not like Trump — Claudia supports Black Lives Matter, as we covered at the end of June, and she’s not afraid to call out her mom directly for internalized misogyny, as she so succinctly did just yesterday.

But her profile went viral so quickly, having been covered by a New York Times reporter, that almost immediately, tons of media outlets were reaching out to her for comment on… Well, what else? Trump, and the dynamic in her house.


That went over none too well in the Conway household:

But sometimes even minors — Claudia is just fifteen years old — have a way of saying things in such a direct way that it would seem cruel if everyone hearing it didn’t know it was the absolute truth. In fact, I feel bad for Claudia that she has to witness what must be a pretty awkward relationship between one of Trump’s biggest supporters and one of his biggest detractors, right in her own home.

I have a feeling, however, that she may not want me to bother feeling too sorry for her:


Something tells me Claudia’s going to be grounded. Or maybe she already is:

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