Furious Queen Elizabeth Sends Trump A Message And It’s Spot On

Donald Trump really messed up with the Queen - and he's paying for it.

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Donald Trump’s recent foreign trips have been absolute disasters as the President of the United States can’t help but offend prominent world leaders everywhere he goes.

One place where he managed to offend multiple people was in Great Britain, when he insulted UK Prime Minister Theresa May and humiliated Queen Elizabeth. When visiting with the Queen, Trump pretty much ran Queen Elizabeth over and walked in front of her to assert his dominance. It was a ridiculous sight, considering how much larger Trump is, and the Queen was notably annoyed.

But let’s not forget that Queen Elizabeth has taken her digs at Trump in the past as well (and Trump clearly has not forgotten). Last year, the Queen made a major statement when she decided that Trump would not be addressing the British Parliament during his planned visit to Britain that summer. Trump was being widely protested in the country, and the Queen decided to listen. The Guardian reported:


Houses of parliament when he comes to Britain for a state visit later this year, following objections by MPs led by the Commons Speaker John Bercow.  The US president’s controversial visit is now expected to run from a Thursday to a Sunday in late summer or early autumn, with officials trying to ensure that President Trump is not in London at a time when parliament is sitting, in order to avoid a formal snub.”

This was a major f*ck you to Trump, who had just caused global outrage with his Muslim ban. And to make matters even more infuriating, Trump was well aware that former President Barack Obama (the man who Trump is most jealous of) was awarded that honor:

Two of Trump’s modern predecessors as president, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, have addressed the joint houses in the royal gallery. Only Barack Obama, in 2011, has made a speech in the 11th century Westminster Hall.”

It was just another instance in which Trump would never be able to measure up to Obama – and he felt it. That is perhaps why Trump did not give the Queen the respect she deserved when he visited. Thankfully, it seems the feelings are mutual.

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