Fox News Producer Appeared To Downplay Trump’s Attacks On Witness, Claimed Constitution “Doesn’t Say Anything About Witness Intimidation”

Is he HIGH?

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While Marie Yovanovitch was testifying on the second day of the public hearings on the impeachment inquiry, Donald Trump took his little fingers to his Twitter account to lash out at the former Ambassador to Ukraine in what many are calling witness intimidation. This is just one more thing Democrats can add to the articles of impeachment after the most powerful ‘man’ in the world tried to intimidate a witness in an investigation on his corruption.

But, to hear Fox News Senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram tell it, it’s OK for Trump to intimidate a witness because it’s not in the Constitution.

“Now, when we look at the U.S. Constitution and look at Article 2, Section 4, it doesn’t say anything about witness intimidation,” he said with a straight face.



This Twitter user nailed it.

I don’t think the Constitution mentions murder either, so we’re sure Mr. Pergram would be fine if Trump went on a murder spree.

After Trump’s Twitter-fit,  Yovanovitch was asked if she felt threatened. “I did,” she responded.  That’s right, the “president” of the United States intimidated a woman who is basically testifying against him. And apparently, the Fox News dude agrees that Trump is complicit in witness intimidation but it’s no biggie. But, lying about a blowjob is probably a big deal to him. I’m old enough to remember a president being held accountable for that.

Yovanovitch, for her part, remained composed while speaking truth to power. Impeachment includes high crimes and misdemeanors. Witness intimidation is a felony so we’re pretty sure that’s covered in the Constitution even though Fox News’s genius producer says otherwise.

While the former Ambassador is sitting before the House Intelligence Committee, Trump and his sycophantic supporters are trying to defend the “president” as he smears a major witness. Trump acts like a mob boss, albeit not a very good one, and his minions are out in force doing his bidding.

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