Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Fact-Checks Trump Live On Air, Says “I Don’t Work For You”

This is a takedown for the ages.

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Neil Cavuto is not a liberal.

That’s a complete thought right there, with plenty to chew on both as a philosophical statement and as a matter of obvious fact: He’s never been one, he’s been an apologist for conservative policy no matter how terrible since he began his stint at Fox News more than 20 years ago.

So why does it need to be said? Well, as you’re about to watch Neil himself say, there’s no grey area when it comes to supporting Trump first and foremost or doing his job as a reporter. And as much as I’m loath to point out that the diatribe in the following video comes only after 3 years of essentially kissing the President’s ass, followed by the shock and horror of just how awful Trump is and the inevitable regret that must have set in, I have to say… I’ll take it.


Give me EVERY Fox reporter finally coming to grips with this dumpster fire of a presidency, and maybe throw in a little realization that the network they’ve built their careers at is kinda terrible for having encouraged, fostered, inculcated, and bred the kind of belief system that demands unflinching support for a Republican President, no matter how ridiculous.

So when opinion polls and economic indicators and adjusted jobs numbers started looking so bad for Trump that Fox was forced to report accurately so they didn’t lose whatever credibility they actually have, Trump had a fit. He had assumed they would always support him right or wrong, correct or incorrect, and even had a mini freakout in August:

Check out Neil’s incredible response, including my favorite line from Neil:

Fake is when it’s wrong Mr. President, not when it’s unpleasant.”

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