Former White House Adviser Claims “All The Bad Guys Want Trump To Win” In 2020

Trump's administration is full of 'bad guys.'

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Donald Trump isn’t known for his foreign policy achievements unless he counts being laughed at on the world stage a victory, and his strategy with North Korea is no different, according to two former senior U.S. diplomats. To be sure, Trump’s boyfriend Kim Jong Un is not happy with our Dear Leader and has promised a “Christmas surprise” over stalled negotiations.

Former U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun and former Director for Asian Affairs in the White House’s National Security Council Victor Cha both spoke to Newsweek and the two had interesting things to say about Trump’s approach with North Korea.

Negotiators are at a standstill basically over how much North Korea should denuclearize and NK’s dictator just doesn’t want that, but he does want relief from sanctions. To make matters worse with negotiations, Pyongyang has continued to develop its military capabilities and nuclear status.


Yun, who was a U.S. special representative from 2016 until March 2018, told the news outlet that since Hanoi the North Koreans “have been very, very difficult.”

“I think they do feel that, in Hanoi, Trump kind of stiffed them,” Yun said. Kim traveled all the way to Hanoi—an especially long journey seeing as he travels using a personalized train—expecting a deal, but Trump did not go for the one on offer.”

And here’s the kicker, and one we can all agree with: The bad guys like Trump, according to Cha who said Kim is all in for another fours years with this “president.”

“I think it’s fair to say that all the ‘bad guys’ want Trump to win,” Cha joked, “maybe with the exception of Iran.”

Yun agreed with Cha’s claim.

“I think they definitely want Trump to be re-elected,” he said. “No other president has worked with North Korea, and that’s not because they had the opportunity…he is willing to deal with them, willing to listen to their concerns, and willing to change his mind.”

“There’s no question in my mind that they’re not going to get anyone better in the White House than Trump,” he added.

North Korea is playing Trump — and his supporters, too.  Trump fawned over Kim Jong-un when he ventured to NK for a photo-op on the world stage, but really, nothing has been done since then. And while Fox News praised Trump for his trip to meet the dictator, they slammed former President Barack Obama for even considering the same thing during his time in office. What we do know is that Trump and Kim are both assholes, and neither one can be trusted. Russia’s Vladimir Putin likes his U.S. fuckboi, too, so we’re not shocked that Kim loves him some Donald Trump.

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