Former US Navy Seal Rips Into Trump Over Russia Bounty Scandal In New Blistering Ad: “Any Commander-In-Chief With A Spine Would Be Stomping The Living Sh*t Out Of Some Russians Right Now”

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With the November election right around the corner, it’s no surprise that the political ads on social media, and even on TV or in your mailbox, are pretty much incessant now. And, of course, they go both ways.

Even being one of the biggest Democrats to touch the face of this earth, I still get anti-Biden ads in my mailbox and email inbox at least 3 times a week.

However, there is a huge difference in the pro-Trump, anti-Biden ads that are floating around right now and the anti-Trump ads that are saturating almost every aspect of our lives — because there’s a really big difference when the worst quality they can find in Biden in his occasional inability to find the right word when he’s speaking, yet Donald Trump has seemingly committed blatant treason against the United States.


When it comes to anti-Trump ads, it’s no big secret that Donald Trump does a damn good job of supplying the content for these things all by himself.

When you collude with Russia, care more about a predominantly white police force than you do black men and women being murdered, practice nepotism like it’s your daily meditation, and lock brown children in cages indefinitely — well, there’s just no shortage of things to pick from.

But his newest transgression is up there on the list as the most sickening yet. And with the election so scarily close, The Lincoln Project isn’t soon going to let us forget.

The Lincoln Project, a Republican-run anti-Trump PAC, recently dropped an ad on social media that should send Trump running for the hills and the rest of us running to the polls. Because to call it “blistering” would be an understatement.

The newest ad from the project founded by George Conway features former U.S Navy Seal Dr. Dan Barkhuff and he has a very serious question for Donald Trump in the wake of multiple reports claiming that he not only knew that the Russian government was putting bounties on the heads of American soldiers, but did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Barkhuff opened the ad by introducing himself then explaining the reports that accuse Donald Trump of treason against the US before asking Donald Trump one hard-hitting, scorching question:

“Mr. Trump, you’re either a coward who can’t stand up to an ex-KGB goon, or you’re complicit. Which is it?”

Barkhuff went on to explain that he’s an individual with Conservative values, yet he knows that Donald Trump has got to go.

“Any Commander-In-Chief with a spine would be stomping the living shit out of some Russians right now,” Barkhuff blistered.

At this point, it’s not just those of us on this side of the fence that have had enough. We’re all coming for you, Trump. From every direction and walk of life. We’re coming for you.

You can watch the ad here:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore “, under Creative Commons license 2.0″

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