Former US Attorney Appears To Call Out Bill Barr Over His Lack Of Integrity And Ethics

This is devastating.

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Quite frankly, it seems that the only person left in this country who’s not astronomically disappointed in Attorney General Bill Barr these days in Donald Trump — which makes sense, considering despite his job title, that’s exactly who Barr works for.

Barr has proven as much over the past few weeks with his continued fawning over Trump to the public, and even more so in the last few days as he’s doubled down on his efforts to finish tossing this nation to the wolves in preference of Trump’s agenda — pulling stunts such as disallowing investigations into presidential candidates unless they pass his arbitrary list of qualifications and molding himself into nothing more than a personal attorney to the president.

The Attorney General’s behavior has become so dishonorable, in fact, that even those who previously supported Barr have now expressed their disdain for what has become Trump’s sycophantic minion.


In a segment with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg, who once felt confident that William Barr possessed the honesty and integrity to head the Department of Justice, publicly admitted that his original assessment of Barr was dead wrong — and went on to reveal that several legal scholars and prosecutors share his shock and disgust.

“Generally, I see people who are flabbergasted and disgusted,” Rosenberg admitted. “I was one of the ones early on who welcomed his nomination to the position of attorney general who said, I think on your show, that I believed him to be a principled institutionalist and I said that I was flat out dead wrong.”

He went on to reveal that his biggest frustration with the AG was the fact that Barr “maligned Bob Mueller and misrepresented the work of the Mueller team” — before declaring that Barr is now even worse than that.

“I always thought the canary in the coal mine would be the career men and women in the Department of Justice,” Rosenberg stated. “We worried their work was being corrupted. But I always thought if it as, they wouldn’t stand for it. That it would be a torches and pitchfork moment, and that’s what we’re seeing, not just the resignation by these four, but also what’s happening in the office itself. There is utter disgust with what these prosecutors were asked to do. And we take very seriously the notion that someone would interfere in our work in a political sense.”

He went on to note that while all career prosectors do understand that the department is run by politically motivated individuals, it’s almost unthinkable that those people would not only impede on the daily work of the department but actually hinder criminal investigations.

There are no two ways about it at this point. William Barr works for Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone. This nation is not safe as long as he continues to serve as the highest officer of the land. It’s time for Bill Barr to resign or find himself with one more thing in common with his boss — impeachment.

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