Former Professor At John Hopkins On Trump’s Handling Of Pandemic: “He Is A First-Degree Mass Murderer”

He's a monster.

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Donald Trump has bungled his response to the pandemic — just this morning, the president shared a tweet from former game show host Chuck Woolery that claimed that “everyone is lying” about COVID-19, including the Centers for Disease Control, as a way to keep the economy coming back before the election. Trump has a host of experts at his disposal as president. Instead, he’s made the deadly pandemic all about him without even a shout out to the over one hundred and thirty-seven thousand grieving American families.

Dr. John Gartner, a psychologist, psychoanalyst, and former professor at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School, spoke to Salon and placed the blame on Donald Trump’s shoulders for delivering the worst response possible to the pandemic. Gartner is also the founder of the Duty to Warn PAC, an organization working to raise awareness about the danger posed by Donald Trump. The PACs Twitter account is lit with stark warnings of Trump’s mental instability.

“Trump has admitted to trying to slow down the testing for the coronavirus,” Gartner told the outlet. “Trump has undermined the governors’ efforts to protect the public from the virus. Trump even went so far as to encourage astroturf protests to intimidate Democratic governors into reopening for “the economy.” Trump has said that he is against people wearing masks — which is the simplest, cheapest, and most efficient way to keep us from spreading the virus.”


“Trump is trying to open the floodgates,” he continued. “He’s hosting mass gatherings of people at his rallies and other events. He’s doing everything he can to enable the virus.”

“Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is going to be the most successful bio-terrorist in human history,” Gartner warned. “Let me repeat myself so there is no confusion. Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history. This is not an accident.”

Gartner also pointed to Trump’s malignant narcissism and said the president “leads a political death cult.”

“Suicidal self-destructive behavior as a sign of loyalty to the Great Leader is a tradition among malignant narcissists,” he continued. “Leaders such as Trump are so unwell that if the people around them and their followers are not stoking their egos then a Trump-type person will turn their rage outward.”

“Trump is actually making his followers into bio-weapons,” he said and explained that Trump knows the consequences of not wearing masks at a large gathering of people.

“Trump’s mind works in the following way: “I get my narcissistic supplies by your praising me. I can get them by hurting you as well. That’ll make me feel good too.” Trump chooses to hurt the American people,” he said.

“At this point, the country is really at the endgame with Trump — we are getting closer and closer to the bunker moment,” Gartner explained. “Donald Trump is not just incompetent. He’s not just delusional. He is not just narcissistic and doesn’t care about others. Donald Trump’s behavior with the coronavirus pandemic is intentional. He is malevolent. He is a first-degree mass murderer. This is a plan.”

Well, that’s a terrifying glimpse into Trump’s mind. If you’ve ever known a narcissist, you’d recognize that disorder in Trump and know the president is unwell.

You can read the full interview here.

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