Florida Democrats Unveil Billboard Of Trump Throwing Paper Towels At Puerto Ricans Ahead Of Pence Visit

Trump doesn't seem to realize he's the "president" of Puerto Rico.

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Contrary to Donald Trump’s claims, he’s done very little for Puerto Rico since the US territory was devastated by hurricanes. Now that the island has been rattled by series of earthquakes since Dec. 28th, the Twitter-addicted “president” hasn’t even managed to squeeze in one tweet in a show of support for Puerto Ricans. The former reality show star did find time on Monday to unleash a series of psychotic and bigoted tweets, though, highlighting what his priorities are. Perhaps Trump doesn’t realize he is the “president” of Puerto Rico but vice-president Mike Pence is about to get a reminder.

Pence is going to Kissimmee, Florida on Thursday — part of a county that has seen a surge in Puerto Rican residents — where he will be greeted with a billboard slamming Donald Trump over his response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The Florida Democratic Party came up with the idea and unveiled the billboard Monday ahead of Pence’s visit as part of a “Latinos for Trump” event at the Nación de Fe church.


The billboard that awaits Pence shows the infamous photo of Trump when he threw rolls of paper towels to the victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico and includes the phrase “Prohibido Olvidar,” as well as the English translation, “Never Forget,” according to the news outlet.

“When the Americans in Puerto Rico needed President Trump the most, he threw paper towels at them instead of releasing federal emergency funds,” state Democratic Executive Director Juan Peñalosa said in a statement, according to the Sentinel.

“Donald Trump is more interested in tweeting insults at his enemies than tackling spiraling healthcare costs, protecting American jobs, and the growing climate crisis,” Peñalosa continued. “The billboards are a part of our effort to make sure that Trump’s lies, broken promises, and ineffective management are exposed. We deserve a President that is focused on improving our lives — Trump is not that President.”

Trump has repeatedly slammed the island following natural disasters and even took petty shots at San Juan’s mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz after she dared to criticize his response after Maria tore into the island. More than a year and a half after Maria hit, Trump was still talking shit about Puerto Rican leaders. Last year, he said that they “only take from the USA,” while a spokesperson referred to the US territory as “that country.”

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