Experts Claim Trump May Not Be Mentally Competent To Stand Trial: “Steps Should Be Taken To Avoid Misuse Of War Powers Or Nukes”

This reads like more than a warning.

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Imagine if you will, an essay penned by a former White House ethics lawyer and a nationally-renowned psychiatrist: If you’re the subject of it and the portrait painted of you is positive, you would tout that assessment for the rest of your life, or at least political career. But if the picture of you emerged negative, you’d do your best to discredit it, hide it, and minimize it.

But a negative portrait of the subject of such a piece doesn’t invalidate the piece at all.

That’s why Americans need to take seriously the new article written jointly by Richard Painter and Dr. Bandy Lee on Dan Abrams’ law blog Law and Crime. You recognize Abrams’ name because he’s the host of television’s Live PD, and you’ve seen countless articles based on the work and appearances of Painter and Lee, the latter of whom spearheaded an effort to organize other mental health professionals into a coalition to warn against the destruction that Donald Trump could cause as President.


But the outcome of this joint article isn’t just bad — it’s as dark and depressing as can possibly be, not just for the country but for patriotic Americans who are dying to see Trump get delivered a helping of justice, although the odds of that in a Senate favorable to him are slim to none.

Painter and Lee concluded that Trump isn’t even fit to be put on trial in the first place — which is the follow-up phase to his impeachment. In fact, they noted that the two of them are likely overqualified to even weigh in on the subject:

[O]ne need not be a Board Certified Psychiatrist or a former White House Ethics Counsel to see that Donald J. Trump is not psychologically well.”

Citing some of Trump’s more prominently troubling public episodes — “SharpieGate,” pretending not to know Lev Parnas (with whom he is pictured in countless photos and videos of them speaking to one another and being friendly) — and his penchant for engaging in extended histrionics on his Twitter account, the pair argues that Trump is no more competent to stand trial than any other person who might find themselves adjudicated directly into a hospital.

Do they have a point? Well, this tweet is from today:

It’s identical to a tweet he’s sent dozens of times, and he’s actually imploring people to read something that doesn’t exonerate him, but which he thinks does, because he thinks it’s legal to do the illegal things he did on the phone call with Ukraine’s president that he’s referring to here.

That’s not the tweet of a well-adjusted individual.

Painter and Lee come to the conclusion that if Trump is not removed from office or deemed unfit to serve under the 25th Amendment — something most Americans wouldn’t know a thing about if it weren’t for Trump’s unhinged outbursts — that “steps should be taken to avoid his misuse of Presidential war powers or nuclear weapons.”

We can’t help but agree.

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