Even As Fox News Continues To Push Trump’s Rhetoric For Reopening The Country, Internal Memo Shows They Plan To Work From Home For Another Month

Hypocrisy, thy name is Fox.

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Hypocrisy, thy name is Fox News Network. Actually, it’s been thy name for a lot of years now, considering the fact that they’ve been peddling opinion and entertainment as “news” for more than two decades.

Most of us — even Fox News watchers — understand at this point that there is an agenda on the network, and that agenda lines up perfectly with whatever agenda the most powerful Republicans in America want to see enacted. In fact, if I’m being totally honest, Fox stopped with the “Fair and Balanced” act quite some time ago and has been pretty overt about their bias, although it’s still a big unspoken but open secret across the media community.

Now, however, their hypocrisy is killing people. That’s not figurative, that’s a literal accusation.


Even if you completely disregard Fox’s wide reach, compelling content, and attractive hosts that all add up to a formula for getting American rubes to vote against their own best interests by painting immigrants as the enemy, taxes as tantamount to slavery, and executive authority as unquestionable, the fact is that during this pandemic, Fox has proven to be reckless and irresponsible in a way that’s unmatched by any other media outlet.

Consider their reporting on hydroxychloroquine. Consider what they’ve said in support of racist conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus. Consider what they promoted, both from hosts and from prominent guests, in the early days of this outbreak. All of these things caused people to take risky and unproven drugs, attack Asian people on the street, and ignore warnings about going out to restaurants as we began to see what this pandemic was turning into.

Now the steady drumbeat is in support of Donald Trump’s constant refrains about reopening the economy, sending people back to work and children back to school as though the risk is minimal enough to treat it as a given, and soon.

But just as we know that Fox hosts and network executives and guests and analysts aren’t actually out there risking their own lives doing the things they promote on their network, we now find out that an internal memo at Fox shows they plan to continue working from home — for more than another whole month.

The COO of Fox Corp, John Nallen, sent out a memo to employees that extended the network’s work-from-home directive until, at a minimum, June 15th.

In fact, each new target reopening deadline for not just Fox but many news outlets and workplaces of any kind across the country have been moving and shifting and jumping forward as we learn daily where the country is in terms of risk — the reality is that there is no way to set a date to reopen until it’s safe.

We just wish companies like Fox would stop telling people there is.

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