Eric Trump Said Something So Dumb About His Dad Even Fox News Reporters Laughed In His Face

Such a moronic statement could only be made by someone related to Trump!

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Donald Trump’s sons sure don’t help him out. While Donald Trump Jr. is currently in the hot seat thanks to Michael Cohen’s admission that the president knew about the meeting between his son and the Russians, let’s not forget that Trump’s other son Eric has also spent a fair amount of time humiliating The Donald.

One such moment that will continue to haunt the Trumps happened during Trump’s presidential campaign, when the more reserved Trump son said something so stupid that not even the hosts at Fox News could keep a straight face. In fact, the comment was so ridiculous that the Fox panel straight up laughed in Eric’s face.

This happened on Outnumbered, as Eric was speaking to the panel about his father’s campaign and tried to discredit the vast political experience of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Eric said:


But what’s relatable about Hillary Clinton to millennials?  She’s been a politician longer than all of them have been alive. I mean she’s been a politician longer than I’ve been alive. Think about that. So…”

Fox host Julie Roginsky stopped him to ask “But what’s relatable about your dad though to millennials?”

Eric told Fox News that his father was “the epitome of the American Dream” who had come “from just about nothing.”

This was too much. Everyone knows that Trump never started from “nothing” — he had a hefty loan from his dad to get him started. The entire panel erupted into laughter over this and Roginsky argued:

Nothing?! He got a million bucks! Come on, Eric.”

Of course, Eric was not deterred because he’s been trained as one of Trump’s nonstop campaigners. He went further and compared his father to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg:

It’s no different than a Zuckerberg, right? Who went out with a great idea like a Facebook and developed this idea and built it and grew it and grew it and grew it. That is achieving something, right?”

Roginsky gave up trying to talk sense into Eric and just rolled her eyes, shaking her head. You can watch this pathetic moment below:

Eric, just like his father and the rest of his family, has zero grip on reality. Not even Fox News could play along with this madness!

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