Eric Trump Goes On Rant Against Obama, Mistakenly Says Former President “Never Went Back To Chicago” And That He “Abandoned His City”

His pants are on fire.

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It would be breaking news if one of the Trumps actually told the truth for a change, so Eric telling a straight-up lie to Fox News’ Sean Hannity was just more of the same. And the Trump family’s obsession with Barack Obama was once again at center stage as Eric falsely claimed that the former President never returned to Chicago after he was elected in 2008.

And of course, amid racial tension in the United States, Eric Trump accused Democrats of doing nothing about Black Lives Matter protesters “burning down churches.” It seems to me, though, that since his father is the President, then Donald Trump should lead by example, but he isn’t capable of saying that black lives matter.

Eric Trump blasted Obama for never returning to the city where he was once a senator and never spoke out against the city’s violence.


“That’s the difference between me and these politicians, Sean, they’re all talk and no action,” Eric said. “My father is the exact opposite. My father is…you know…tremendous action. I mean Chicago, you reported on this better than anybody, Obama didn’t even go back to Chicago.”

“He was literally never there. He never mentioned the violence,” he continued. “He never tried to help. He never offered federal assistance. He never offered to send in the feds or the military. The guy wasn’t present anymore. He literally abandoned his city.”


Twitter users pounced.


Well, Obama did return to Chicago, and he did address gun violence. Obama, in fact, returned to Chicago nineteen times during his tenure as president. You may sit down now, Eric.

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