Eric Trump Embarrassingly Had To Delete His Tweet Calling On Americans To Buy Stock

He should be forced to wear a dunce cap with an image of this tweet on it for the rest of his life.

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Since the stock market has crashed and is now under where former President Barack Obama left it when he exited office in 2017, Eric Trump is being roasted on Twitter for urging Americans to buy stocks in a tweet that he has humiliatingly had to delete.

Just after Senate Republicans were briefed on just how bad the coronavirus pandemic could get and the damage it would wreak on the economy, President Donald Trump’s dunce son Eric Trump took to Twitter to insist that the stock market is strong and urged Americans to buy into it even as several GOP senators rushed to sell.

It’s entirely possible that many Trump supporters did what Eric told them to do.


The problem is that the stock market took a nosedive not long afterward because of his daddy’s terrible response to the pandemic, which has infected over 35,000 in the United States and had killed over 400, all while shutting down businesses.

To date, the stock market has fallen so much that all the gains made during Trump’s presidency have been erased and the market has dropped below where it stood on the day Obama left office.

When Obama stepped down in January 2017, the Dow Jones stood at 19,827 points. The Dow currently stands at 18,644.

Anyway, the bad stock market news humiliated Eric so much that he deleted the tweet, and now social media users are mocking him by reminding him of it complete with screen captures that will last forever.

Eric Trump is clearly not a good businessman, nor is he a stock market guru. He should be ashamed of himself for pretending otherwise.

Featured image via screen capture

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