Entire White House In Panic Mode As Former Trump Aide Pens ‘Unhinged’ Memoir About Working For POTUS

Every last one of the president's secrets are about to become public knowledge.

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Donald Trump is about to find out why reality television stars (including himself) should not be appointed for positions in the White House. After bragging constantly about how he only hires the “best people,” we’ve seen this blow up in Trump’s face on a regular basis. Most of the members of his administration either end up with a scandal or turn on the president as soon as he gives them the boot. The latter is what Trump should fear the most.

One of Trump’s former White House aides, former “Apprentice” reality television star Omarosa Manigault Newman is about to release a memoir about her time working in the Trump administration.

Her book is dropping in mid-August, so Trump’s team doesn’t have much time to figure out a way to shut it down. The book is called Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, which already signals that there’s going to be a lot of spilled secrets that Trump doesn’t want to get out — especially since she was fired by Trump and escorted out of the White House quite publicly.


Another sign that this book could be really bad news for Trump is due to what Newman did after she was fired from the White House — she went back to reality television to go on “Big Brother,” where she trashed Trump in front of her colleagues. In a moment that was caught on camera, she said:

I was haunted by tweets every single day. Like what is he going to tweet next? It’s bad … It’s going to not be OK.”

Newman might just use this book to hit back at Trump, and this couldn’t have come at a worse time for the president. Trump is being exposed left and right by members of his inner circle. He truly has created a swamp — and now he’s drowning in it.

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