Dr. Birx Seemed To Go Full Trumper, Apparently Told Sources She Could No Longer Trust The CDC

Just horrifying to watch.

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Recently, the Washington Post reported that Dr. Deborah Birx, who you may recognize as the bescarfed elder stateswoman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, was in a meeting with those in charge of the response to the coronavirus pandemic when she told the CDC’s director Dr. Robert Redfield, “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.”

The reason that strikes a chord is that Dr. Birx, a former Army Colonel, is an immunologist specializing in one of the world’s deadliest diseases — AIDS/HIV — and in vaccine research and health around the globe. In other words, she’s a smart woman. Yet here she is, parroting the official Trump administration line.

Just like everyone other than Dr. Anthony Fauci has done, although even he has amended his own statements in order to smooth things over with an overly-sensitive commander in chief.


That’s terrifying.

Even more terrifying, however, is what that official narrative now entails. In order to keep your job working next to Donald Trump on solving the corona crisis, it is no longer sufficient to merely downplay how severe the pandemic is. Now you have to actively undermine established scientific agencies if their reporting doesn’t match what Donald Trump wants to hear.

That means the White House has been behind an effort to spread the claim that the Centers for Disease Control are “inflating” the numbers on the coronavirus outbreak — not just infection numbers, but death counts — by up to twenty-five percent. That’s according to recent reporting from the Post that noted the tiff between top doctors had come shortly after the leak of an internal Trump administration model that showed new COVID deaths rising to 3,000 per day by the beginning of June.

Brothers and sisters, that’s unacceptable. We cannot have the top agency not just in America, but which the world turns to in a time of global health crises, at odds with the preferred narrative of the narcissist in the Oval Office — and we can’t have public officials whose job it is to explain this pandemic to us altering the weave of their tale according to the whims of a boy-king president.

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