Donald Trump Lashed Out At ABC’s Jon Karl, Told Him “You Will Never Make It” Even Though Karl Is The President Of WH Correspondents’ Association And A Best Selling Author

Holy sh*t.

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It would be nice to have a president leading this country amid the national crisis, but Donald Trump is not capable of that. Instead, he has been lashing out at his critics, and media figures, while propping up his sycophantic followers. The U.S. death toll for the coronavirus pandemic is over one hundred and fifty-five thousand while we appear to be on our own without a president to calmly guide us.

Donald Trump tends to go off the rails during his daily COVID-19 press updates that are supposed to be led by Vice President Mike Pence. Trump’s usual targets in the press are women, of course, but then ABC’s Jon Karl asked the president about an inspector general report that found “severe” shortages of supplies at hospitals to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak that has brought the world to a standstill.

In response to the very simple question, Trump angrily lashed out at Karl to call him a “third rate” reporter” for doing his job


“You’re a third-rate reporter,” he said. “What you just said is a disgrace … you will never make it.”


Karl is, though, a number one best selling author who has been the Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News since 2012. Karl penned a book titled Front Row at the Trump Show in which he describes knowing and covering Donald Trump longer than any other White House reporter. We’re sure now Karl could pen another book after being targeted once again by our angry trash monster of a president. Karl is also the President of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

In contrast to Karl’s impressive resume, Trump somehow got into office with zero political experience, despite multiple bankruptcies, including casinos, scandals, and what appears to be a narcissistic personality disorder.

Trump now has experience though, but it’s too bad it’s in destroying a healthy economy gifted to him by his predecessor and failing to act promptly before arriving at the national crisis we’re all facing.

The IG report that sent Trump into a hissy fit was based on a survey of 323 randomly selected hospitals across the country, and it found “severe” shortages of tests and long wait times as long as seven days for hospitals. In addition, it revealed that there are “widespread” shortfalls of protective equipment such as masks for health workers, something that doctors and nurses have been pleading for. Governors who Trump has lashed out at have also asked for the medical gear and equipment.

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