Donald Trump Jr. Appears To Think Acquittal In Senate Means His Dad Is No Longer Impeached

This is hilarious!

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If Donald Trump raised his children to be anything like him — and all indications are that he has — then there is nothing more important to them than appearances. Style over substance, popular opinion over moral certitude, the Trump family has no scruples when it comes to valuing ratings over real humanity.

So no one should really be all that shocked to see Donald Trump, Jr. having as big a fit over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi completely upstaging his dad’s big speech on Tuesday night with an act so defiant it’s likely never been matched in State of the Union history.

The problem is, Junior’s really not very smart, and seemed to lend a little more weight to what tearing up Trump’s speech actually meant — almost conceding that Pelosi had somehow destroyed the speech. At least, that’s what it seemed like when he tweeted a comparison between Pelosi’s action and what his father is possibly planning to do (which would be hilarious):


There are a number of things wrong with this, beginning with “bullshit articles of impeachment” — even some Republicans agreed that Trump did the things listed in the articles, they just also admitted they didn’t care about the Constitution and wouldn’t vote to convict him of the crimes he was guilty of.

But Junior seems to think that once the GOP traitors in the Senate vote to acquit his dad, the “impeached” part goes away. The internet helpfully reminded him that he was stupid:

But maybe the funniest part of it all to me is that if Trump did choose to theatrically rip up the articles in symbolic retribution, it would be a rerun of a show we’ve already seen. He would literally just be trying to copy what Nancy already did, and he would look like an absolute moron.

Or more of one than he normally is, I suppose.

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