Donald Trump Appears To Leave His Wife Out In The Rain As He Uses Umbrella For Himself

How gentlemanly of him.

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So, the relationship between Donald Trump and Melania Trump has been a weird one. Honestly, I can never really tell if they actually even like each other all that much. They kind of seem to back and forth, really. One day, Trump’s trying to hold his wife’s hand and she’s shooing him away like he has cooties (which, I mean, is a legitimate concern) but then she turns around and defends him for some of the craziest shit.

And then, of course, once she’s suddenly back on his side, it seems as though Donald isn’t actually all that fond of her after all. I mean, let’s face it, there’s been plenty of times where he didn’t treat her so well out in public. So I can really only imagine what’s going on behind the closed doors of the White House or Trump Tower. But I’d venture to say it’s probably not good.

But really, what do you expect when you order your wife out of a magazine and she only marries you so she can stay in the country and “model?”


Either way, this time last year Trump got himself busted being a whole lot less than chivalrous to his wife when the pair happened to be out in the rain together.

Now we all know that Donnie struggles with umbrellas anyway. And evidently, in addition to not knowing how to open the things, he doesn’t quite know how to hold it over two people at once either.

That, or he just doesn’t give a damn if Mel gets rained on. Could go either way.

But anyway, as the couple was standing outside of the White House Trump was holding an umbrella over his own head. Eventually, Melania attempted to mosey her way over to her husband and under the protection of the rain, but he just wound up darting off from her yet again to gaggle with some reporters. Leaving her stranded and rained on once more.

He did eventually kind of hold the thing over her head once they were headed towards the helicopter. But after spending what I’m sure felt like an eternity in the cold rain, what does it even matter at that point?

You can watch the clip here:

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