Donald And Melania Get Caught On Video In Seemingly Awkward Moment During White House Fourth Of July Event

Well, this is awkward.

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Donald Trump’s Fourth of July event at the White House was, predictably, a complete sh*t show. Even Melania did not appear to want to participate.

The event featured a fireworks display and a military flyover at taxpayer expense as Trump used the occasion to demonize Democrats, spew his propaganda, and brag about himself while Americans across the country are still getting sick and dying from the coronavirus.

Melania attended the event with her husband, as she presumably agreed to when she re-negotiated her pre-nuptial agreement before moving to the White House in 2017.


But she did not seem to want to stand up with Donald on stage, which gave the world footage of Donald trying to prod her into doing so as she seemed to object before finally relenting.

Seems Donald has to do an awful lot of coaxing to get his wife to do things with him. Twitter users offered their thoughts on what they had just seen unfold.

Melania has also refused to hold Donald’s hand in public so it’s very possible she didn’t feel like standing alongside him on stage. Their home life is also reportedly a mess. After he’s out of office, one wonders how long it will be before she dumps him so she can be happy again.

Featured image via screen capture

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