Don Jr. Tries To Convince Americans That He Stood In Communist Bread Lines As A Child

Please help this poor billionaire's son.

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Donald Trump Jr., an alleged billionaire’s privileged son, spoke of his plight and suffering to Fox News host Sean Hannity as he recalled the times he had to stand in communist bread lines as a child. Don Jr. was born in New York City, by the way, and when I lived there, I never witnessed billionaires being forced to wait in communist bread lines, but that’s just me.

To be fair to the little snot, he could possibly be talking about when he used to visit Czechoslovakia as a child to see his grandparents. But, that’s a stretch since being a billionaire’s son means you don’t have to worry about putting food on the table.

Junior was railing against his father’s rival, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist. Don Jr. apparently thinks that communism and socialism are somehow the same things. Traitorade is also confusing socialism with Democratic socialism.


“I waited in those bread lines,” Junior said. “I can assure you they are not as glamorous as Bernie and the academia today make them out to be.”


Just look at this bread line Donnie Douchebag was forced to queue up in:

Bernie Sanders’ views do not align with the kind of communism that was practiced in the former U.S.S.R. Most civilized and prosperous countries enjoy a socialist form of health care, and that includes the modern-day Czech Republic. You don’t have to be a Bernie supporter to notice that Don Jr. is using the Republican playbook of throwing “isms” at Democratic rivals. Sarah Palin attempted this with former President Barack Obama, and for some reason, conservatives still think that’s a winning strategy.

Now, go back to your privileged lifestyle, you trophy hunting piece of shit.

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