Don Jr. Goes On Profanity Filled Tweet Storm Over Criticism That Trump Didn’t Bring Barron To Word Series: “F-ing Stupid!!!”

Donnie Jr has a big mad!

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Donald Trump attended Game 5 of the World Series last night and honestly, we can find so many things wrong with it.

He refused to throw the traditional first pitch, claiming it’s because he’d look “too heavy” but we all know it’s because he didn’t want to be booed or end up with tomatoes thrown at his head on the middle of the field. Then he showed up to the shindig late, because he’s always fucking late, with a posse of the biggest fuckwits he could find. And then proceeded to make an even bigger idiot out of himself when his big, dumb face showed up on the Jumbotron, just a grinning like a fool — until he realized he was being booed and the crowd was chanting “Lock him up!” so his face fell into a petulant little pout.

But one of the weirdest things that folks noticed surrounding Trump’s World Series debacle is the fact that he didn’t even bother to bring his 13-year-old son to the game — despite the fact that most 13-year-old boys would really enjoy a baseball game. Especially the World Series.


While tons of Twitter users were quick to point out that Trump once again left the son he often forgets he has behind at home while he went out and did Trump-y stuff, one former Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district, Rob Anderson, leveled criticism that caught the eye and the scorn of the one son that Trump actually loves, Donald Trump Jr.

“A Father not taking his son to a baseball game, let alone a World Series game, is perhaps the worst indictment of a ‘family man’ I’ve ever heard,” Anderson wrote on Twitter. “I have a feeling Trump could have gotten Barron a ticket if he got tickets for Scalise and Gaetz.”

And guys, that really hurt Donnie Jr.’s feelings.

Evidently, the Trump crew had a pretty good feeling that the Cheeto in chief would be less than well-received at this particular shindig, so therefore it would’ve been irresponsible for Trump to take that 13-year-old kid whose name he can’t quite remember.

And Junior let everyone know about it with some of his daddy’s profanity.

“This is the dumbest take ever!” a rather butthurt Don Jr. responded to Anderson on Twitter. “I mean f-ing stupid!!! Maybe he knew that the scumbag lobbyists and liberal elite in the 94% leftist swamp of DC would behave exactly as they did and therefore shielded a child from that kind of behavior. That’s great parenting moron!”

As we say in the south, don’t get your panties in a wad, Donnie Jr.

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