Don Jr. Blamed “Political Correctness” For Terror Attack In London And People Weren’t Having It: “Your Dad’s Policies Released A Prison Full Of ISIS Fighters”

Junior really should have sat this one out.

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Conservatives love blaming the world’s woes on political correctness but it’s a loaded phrase. Donald Trump’s sycophantic followers lash out at minorities, then if you object to them being assholes toward others, they’ll inevitably tell you to stop being so politically correct. Of course, if you say anything negative about their “president,” they’ll kick and scream, then end up in a fetal position in the corner of the room, sucking their thumb.

Donald Trump Jr. is the leader of the crybaby pack, and he’s the least self-aware person in the world.

In response to the terrorist attack in London last week, Junior took to his Twitter account to blame political correctness.


Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress research and advocacy organization, dropped a truth-bomb on Don Jr. Because we all remember — when Trump betrayed the Kurds, ISIS-affiliated individuals escaped from captivity. Like we said, Junior is the least self-aware person ever.

Twitter users remember.

James Franklin Jeffrey, the US envoy to Syria, said in October that “dozens” of ISIS fighters have escaped detention in Syria after the “president” abandoned the Kurds. Jeffrey went on to say that there is no plan to recapture them, and at least 10,000 remain under Kurdish supervision.

By early November,  Senators from both parties demanded answers from the Trump administration about how many ISIS detainees have escaped from Kurdish-run detention centers in Syria after the “president” enabled Turkish military action in the region.

“Many of these individuals are hard-core terrorists, with the kinds of expertise — bomb-making, leadership, and propaganda — that had made ISIS such a threat to the United States and our allies,” they stated at the time.

In other words, we have no idea how many ISIS fighters escaped because of Trump’s actions — and that has nothing to do with political correctness. That happened because we have an inept person squatting in the White House.

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