Devin Nunes Is Mocked After Newly Released Report Turns Him Into A Possible Witness Against Trump

His lawsuit with a fake cow is the last thing he'll be thinking about today.

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Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) doesn’t have a good poker face so he somehow manages to look guilty all of the time. But that’s probably because he’s up to his crazy eyeballs in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal and now it appears that he is a fact witness after the House Intelligence Committee obtained phone records from AT&T showing a flurry of phone calls between Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, indicted businessman Lev Parnas, and The Hill columnist John Solomon, the latter of whom ran propaganda-style op-eds for the website.

The report is damning, which is likely why Republicans have been obstructing the investigation.

“On the morning of May 8, Mr. Giuliani called the White House Switchboard and connected for six minutes and 26 seconds with someone at the White House. That same day, Mr. Giuliani also connected with Mr. Solomon (a columnist at The Hill) for almost six minutes, with Mr. Parnas, and with Derek Harvey, a member of Representative Nunes’ staff on the Intelligence Committee,” the report states.


Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) noted Nunes’ involvement.

“It is deeply concerning that at a time when the president of the United States was using the power of his office to dig up dirt on a political rival, that there may be evidence that there were members of Congress complicit in that activity,” Schiff said on Tuesday of Nunes’ communications, according to The Daily Beast.

Twitter users didn’t seem too surprised at Nunes’ activities.

This level of corruption doesn’t surprise anyone, especially with Nunes managing to be at the center of this entire shitshow.

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