Democratic Senator Goes There, Just Called Trump “Scum” Over George Floyd Protest Comments

He's not wrong.

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Donald Trump previously called FBI investigators into the Russia probe “human scum” to show off his skills of projection. Well, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) took a shot at President BunkerBitch on Monday, calling him “scum” and accused him of “fueling” racism and hatred in America amid protests over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Trump, instead of being a unifying voice, called for more violence and urged for a tougher response to the protests that have erupted across the United States.

On Saturday, Trump said that the Secret Service had been prepared to sic the “most vicious dogs” and use “ominous weapons” on protesters outside the White House gates on Friday night.

Markey took to Twitter on Monday to call Trump “scum.”


Twitter users piled in.

Notice that he didn’t call Trump human scum. He’s just scum. We’re still waiting for the president’s homeworld to come back and reclaim him. Trump has always been a racist, but his supporters suffer from selective memory issues. That’s just who he is. From not renting to people of color to calling for the executions of the Central Park Five who were later exonerated — to trying to delegitimize our country’s first black President. Trump still attacks former President Barack Obama daily. And of course, that’s after he has decided to take credit for Obama’s hard work.

Calling Trump scum is too kind. This president is the shit I can’t scape off from the bottom of my shoe. There, I said it. But, at least I didn’t vote for it.

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582 points