Dem Congressman Claims Trump Will Be Charged With Obstruction In Articles Of Impeachment For Witness Intimidation

Keep it up, Trump. You're impeaching yourself.

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Donald Trump has a really nasty habit of shitting the bed at the worst possible time — for him anyway, that is. Works out pretty nicely for us over here on the sane side of things, considering he almost always takes a situation that’s bad for him and just makes it that much worse.

It seems his parents never taught him how beneficial it can be to just keep your fucking mouth shut. He really just continues to make himself that much more impeachable every time he opens his mouth or breaks out those fat thumbs to hit Twitter with some bullshit.

Honestly, at this point, the Democrats aren’t even going to have to do much. Trump is literally impeaching himself in real-time. And today’s debacle is a perfect example of exactly that.


In the second round of public impeachment hearings, Americans are hearing testimony from former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovich today. And Trump’s not happy about it.

Despite the fact that his “people” have been peddling the claim that Trump is too busy to actually watch the hearings, he’s proven that statement wrong time and time again simply through his Twitter account. On Wednesday, as Bill Taylor and George Kent gave their accounts, Trump was retweeting up a storm. And as the former Ambassador testifies before the Committee today, things are just going from bad to worse for Donnie.

As Yovanovich bravely testified to the Committee concerning the abuse and bullying tactics she’s been subjected to at the hands of our “president,” Donald took to his Twitter account, in real-time, to essentially prove Marie’s testimony — by launching yet another sickening smear attack against the woman.

Rep. Schiff actually read Donald’s tweets to the witness as they were coming in to allow her to respond to Donald’s attacks and to make a point that the president’s behavior was textbook witness intimidation — something that Congress does not take kindly to.

So much so, in fact, that Donald’s outburst is now being added to his ever-growing list of impeachable defenses.

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has released a statement regarding Donald’s attacks against the witness”

“By attacking the witness, the president continues to act guilty… We are looking at this as a consciousness of guilt… We have strong evidence of obstruction of justice through intimidating a witness and tampering with a witness’s testimony.”

Has literally no one in that circus of an administration warned this guy that he’s literally giving them the rope needed to hang himself?

I knew he was an idiot, but c’mon. At this point, he’s doing all the footwork for us.

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