Daughter Of Trump’s Podiatrist Exposes POTUS’ “Bone Spur” Lie, The Truth Is Even Worse

This is truly pathetic.

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Donald Trump has long drawn criticism for dodging the war and then having the nerve to insult war heroes like late Senator John McCain, as well as repeatedly disrespecting and insulting the men and women who were actually brave enough to fight for this country.

While most of us already know that the President of the United States lied in order to get out of the war, new evidence confirms it and makes Trump look even worse. While Trump has claimed that he had “bone spurs” that prevented him from serving in the military during the Vietnam War, the daughter of Trump’s podiatrist has just blown the lid off that story and made it official.

Queens-based podiatrist Dr. Elysa Braunstein, the daughter of the man who wrote the letter that excused Trump from being drafted, said in a report by the New York Times:


I know it was a favor. But did he examine him? I don’t know.”

Dr. Larry Braunstein, Trump’s podiatrist, had passed away 11 years ago. The New York Times reports that Dr. Braunstein had helped Trump avoid the Vietnam War as a favor to his father, Fred Trump. Over his life, Trump dodged the draft five times — four times in college, and one more time for a case of “bone spurs,” which now seems to be a confirmed lie thanks to the account of Braunstein’s daughter.

Trump could not possibly get more vile. Every part of his life and every detail of his history is a lie — and even with every exposure and fact check, a number of Trump supporters continue to blindly support him. Now that word of his “bone spurs” has gotten out, Trump will be forced to defend himself and answer to the free press. It’ll be interesting to see how he tries to get out of this one.

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