Crowd At World Series Starts Chanting “Lock Him Up” When Trump Is Announced And Shown On Jumbotron


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Donald Trump mosied his way on over to Game 5 of the World Series tonight where he slipped himself and an entourage of some of his most favorite people (and some of the country’s biggest shit stains) in fashionably late. Most likely because he knew that making some sort of grand entrance into the event would garner a whole hell of a lot of attention, just not the sort he wants — which is likely the same reason he bitched out of throwing the customary first pitch and instead let one of his staunchest critics, hef José Andrés.

I mean, he said it was because he’d look “too heavy.” But let’s face it — one, he knows he’d look something like a headless chicken attempting to do the Macarena, and we all know that he knows he probably wouldn’t have been well-received. And if there’s anything Trump hates, it’s being booed.

So, to avoid confrontation, he just made his way in the back and tried to lay low.


But much to his dismay and my absolutely giddy pleasure, Trump’s plan did not work out so well for him.

Despite the fact that he kept his fat ass off the field, the crowd that filled the stadium still made damn sure that ol’ treasonous Trump knew exactly what the fuck they thought of him. More than once.

As Trump’s appearance was announced to the thousands of folks gathered at Nats Park for the game, chants of “Lock him up!” broke out through the crowd. Which is so deliciously ironic I don’t even have the words to describe it.

But it that wasn’t enough to make you shiver and shake with pure joy tonight, Trump got another round of enthusiastic boos when he was shown on the jumbotron. Literally, thousands and thousands of fans go from happily and rambunctiously cheering, to loudly booing as soon as Trump’s face hits the screen.

Y’all. I just can’t get enough of this shit tonight. Seriously. I’ve had it on repeat for a good 15 minutes.

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