Cops Have To Forcibly Remove Anti-Masker From School Board Meeting: “You’re Going To Have To Drag Me Out”

Pull yourself together, dude.

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Wearing a mask correctly is the key to making it effective at preventing the coronavirus spread, but now it’s become a political point amid the raging pandemic. After all, we now have a president that mocks social distancing guidelines, holds rallies indoors and has only been seen wearing a mask a couple of times. So, we’ve been inundated with Chads and Karens that refuse to put a mask on to keep others safe.

An anti-masker — identified by Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves as Reed Bender — appeared at the meeting and sat in the audience area’s front row, the Mitchell Republic reports.

Even though Deb Olson, president of the board of education, announced that masks were available for anyone in attendance who did not have one, Bender refused to comply. And, as it happens, Bender has appeared at several recent boards of education meetings and spoke in opposition to the Mitchell School District mask mandate, according to the outlet.


Bender had to be removed by the police, and a video of the incident shows the South Dakota resident resisting the officers. One of the officers can be seen removing his taser from his holster, but the taser was not used. Bender can be heard saying, “You’re going to have to taser me in front of all these people.”

Bender was escorted out, but just before that, he is heard telling the officers, “you’re going to have to drag me out.”

Wish granted!


Mitchell Police said there are no charges against Bender at this time, but they are still investigating the incident. Now, just to address that elephant in the room, if Bender was Black and resisted the police, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been given such a cushy escort out of the building. I’m not saying that he should have been roughed up, but I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Wear your masks, please. Otherwise, you’ll just be publicly embarrassing yourself as Bender did. And then, you end up on outlets such as ours. Don’t be like Bender. Don’t be like Donald Trump, either.

Featured image via screen capture

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