Constitutional Law Expert Just Appeared To Debunk Jim Jordan’s Key Defense Of Trump

Nice try, Jim. But no dice.

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Ever since the moment news of Trump’s shady phone call with the Ukranian president broke and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced to the nation that Donald would finally be under a formal impeachment inquiry, the Republican party has been scrambling like madmen and women to come up with some shred of defense for their beloved dictator.

Of course, since the brave individual blew the whistle on Donnie’s transgressions and the impeachment inquiry began to steamroll ahead, things have just gotten worse and worse for the “president.” In a last-ditch attempt to save his own ass, he released a copy of the transcript of the call between himself and Zelensky — but even in its altered state, it did him more harm than good.

And now several witnesses have given testimonies to the House Intelligence Committee, as well as the American public as of today, of just what Trump has done wrong and then some.


So, to say the least, GOPers are now left grasping at straws, in the truest sense of the saying, as they attempt to bust Trump out of the hot water of his own making on little more than a technicality or a loophole — meaning their defense of him is getting shaky, irrational, and easily debunked, at best.

And that’s precisely what happened to the reigning “human scum” of the Republican party, Rep. Jim Jordan today when his key defense of Trump was torn apart by Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe.

Jordan, who weaseled his way on to the Committee at the very last minute, offered up his defense of the president during the first publicized impeachment hearing today — there couldn’t have possibly been a quid pro quo on Trump’s part because the money that he was withholding from Ukraine (that rightfully belonged to the country, might I remind you) was eventually released after he was essentially busted by Congress.

But Tribe, the Harvard Law professor of over half a century and arguer of three dozen different cases before the Supreme Court was quick to tear down the defense of the rapist sympathizing Congressman who never managed to actually pass the bar exam.

“Rep. Jordan’s mantra that Amb. Taylor has to be wrong because the aid was in fact released without Zelinski ever making a public announcement is absurd,” Tribe explained on his Twitter. “What happened in-between to release the aid was that Trump was caught red-handed when the whistleblower spoke up!”

If a bank robber doesn’t get away with the money, it doesn’t mean he didn’t commit bank robbery.

I mean, I get that these people are just trying to do whatever they can to keep the Cheeto-in-chief protected, but there comes a point where you stop sounding reasonable and you just start sounding stupid as fuck. The Republican party passed up this point about three foreign government interferences ago.

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