Conservatives Are Claiming That Melania Trump Was “Sending A Message” With Her Fourth Of July “Drawings” Dress

This is Cocoa Puff level cuckoo.

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Let me just start off by saying that the entire Fourth of July weekend debacle carried out by Donald Trump and his administration was just about as ridiculous as it gets. There is a literal pandemic raging through this nation with no end in sight, and the president spent almost an entire 48-hour period cramming as many maskless people into one weekend like sardines in a can as he could.

But folks, leave it up to the conservative crowd to make matters more ridiculous still.

During Trump’s first Independence Day shindig at Mount Rushmore, Third First Lady Melania Trump donned a white dress that was positively covered in what looked like black scribbles all over it that were evidently supposed to represent human figures, as the nearly $4,000 dress was named “Dancing Girls.”


Us folks over here on the left were quick to crack jokes about Donnie boy doodling all over his wife’s white dress with his infamous black Sharpie on the flight over, most likely out of sheer childish boredom.

However, the folks on the other side of the fence got a whole hell of a lot more serious and quite frankly insane with their theories.

Evidently, according to the QAnon crowd, there were *GASP* secret messages hidden in Melania’s dress.

Liz Crokin, a QAnon theory obsessor and self-proclaimed “MAGA life coach,” along with broadcaster Brenden Dilley, pulled what I can only refer to as a batshit crazy theory straight from their behinds regarding Melania’s choice of garment for the evening — with Crokin ultimately claiming that the images depicted on the First Lady’s dress were “inspired by drawings of victims of sexual and/or Satanic Ritualistic Abuse.”


But trust and believe, folks. Dilley took it upon himself to make Crokin sound like the sane one.

The conservative broadcaster, who often claims that he “doesn’t give a fuck about being factual” echoed his fellow QAnon nutcase’s theory but went on to take it a whole entire leap further when he claimed that Melania’s dress pattern had more than a little to do with Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell’s recent arrest.

“It is a dress designed by Alexander McQueen using sketches drawn by victims of child sexual abuse to describe their feelings,” Dilley ranted. “The First Lady is incredible. That is ballsy, Okay? Melania Trump, I always highlight the fact that she’s graceful and brilliant, and kind, and elegant, but one thing that I probably need to highlight more frequently — and I’ve done it a couple of times, but not recently — is how fucking ballsy and courageous that woman is.”

But it got even worse.

“She is sending a message to the deep state,” the right-wing broadcaster went on. “I refuse to believe that Melania Trump just happened to wear that dress two, three days after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, and it’s been now reported that she is participating and giving up names and information of all the people involved in the pedophile sex trafficking, and Melania wears that dress? I do not think that’s an accident or a coincidence.”


Seriously, y’all. It ain’t that deep.

Might I suggest a couple of real jobs for these folks? Because they clearly have way too much time on their hands.

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