Colin Powell Just Announced Live On CNN That He’ll Vote For Joe Biden: “I Cannot In ANY Way Support President Trump This Year”


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It’s been a tumultuous ride for Donald Trump inside the Republican Party over the last 4 years. Prior to locking up the GOP nomination in 2016, Trump was widely reviled among “establishment” conservatives like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, and even his own current press secretary, all of whom made public statements with some variation of “this guy’s a moron.”

But after it was clear he’d be the nominee, he was embraced by the Party, with many of those same career politicians naively believing that he could be tamed or reformed, or that he would stick to some kind of script or game plan.

For me personally, it’s important to point out that the Republicans who spoke out against him and later embraced him clearly were never bothered by what a colossal dickhead he is — they just didn’t like that he didn’t play the game like they do. No concerns about his marital infidelity or his disgusting behavior with women, no qualms about him mocking the disabled or promising to let racism guide his hand on both foreign and domestic policy.


Only after everything we’ve seen have some of them become “Never Trump” Republicans who performatively act as though his behavior is what’s been driving their attitude toward him all along, despite the fact that most of them have supported his policies.

But one stalwart Republican who truly hails from the early days of the neoconservative movement has been as consistent as anyone could expect him to be, and his feelings on Trump came into sharp focus on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper Sunday morning. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell made it clear in no uncertain terms that he would not be voting for or supporting Donald Trump in 2020.

But as if to drive the point home — to take it a giant step further than other Republicans who oppose Trump have been willing to go — he told his host live on air that he would actively be voting for Joe Biden, Trump’s now-official opponent in the race.

Powell’s problem with Trump is one we might expect to hear from an old-school Republican: He hates him for lying.

We’ll certainly never run out of examples of him doing that.

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