CNN Released All The Banned Photos Trump Never Wanted America To See

Trump did NOT want these to get out. When you see them, you'll understand why.

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Recently, President Donald Trump got called out for his 210th day of playing golf while in office, when the death toll caused by Hurricane Michael continued to rise.

This is an entirely new low. We all remember when Trump said he would be “too busy” working to play golf once he became president, and now we’re seeing just how much we’ve been misled. Trump works less than any other POTUS before him, stealing away to play golf every chance he gets. Trump also spends hours on Twitter or in front of a television, and wastes taxpayer dollars as hours of his “executive time” go unaccounted for every singe day.

Trump’s laziness has gotten so bad that the White House has even had to lie to give Americans the impression that Trump is doing work when he’s really not. And sometimes, the president gets caught. A perfect example of this happened at various times last year, when Trump was caught golfing several different times when he really should have been doing something else. The photos that follow are perfect examples.


These photos were posted by CNN producer Kevin Liptak, who was able to snap some pictures of Trump “working” at his club in West Palm Beach.

To prove that the White House wants to hide the president’s golfing activity at all costs, let’s not forget the time that Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs called the Trump administration out for blacking out the press. Trump’s team literally put garbage bags over the windows at Trump’s Jupiter golf club so reporters couldn’t watch the president play golf and ignore his presidential duties.

Sometimes, Trump and his team get caught in one of their boldface lies. After telling the press that Trump would be in meetings all day,  journalist Erick Fernandez exposed the president’s true activities:

This kind of behavior would never have been tolerated from former President Barack Obama — in fact, Trump made fun of Obama for golfing even though he himself golfs far more! Unfortunately, the Republican Party’s standards have gotten so low that they don’t even try to get Trump to act presidential anymore. This is definitely something to keep in mind in November.

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