CNN Host Goes Ballistic Over Trump Hawking Products In The Oval Office: “You Tell Me How A President In The Middle Of A Pandemic Has Time For This Bullsh*t! Are You Kidding Me?”

You may not have known you needed to see this.

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Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for sane people in America. This country is already dealing with the built-up failures of the Trump administration over the last three-plus years, which have culminated in Depression-era unemployment levels, a housing crisis that could see 20 million citizens become homeless seemingly overnight, and a botched pandemic response that’s left us all watching literally every other wealthy nation in the world resume life as normal while we fight over whether wearing a face mask means you have a tiny pee-pee.

So when the Trump family of grifters went on Twitter in the midst of all that to pose for social media pictures with products made by Goya Foods after CEO Robert Unanue praised the president’s policies and sparked a boycott larger than perhaps any we’ve seen during this presidency (and there have been some doozies), it was a baffling moment. It was a jaw-dropping, mind-boggling, what-the-hell-is-going-on moment.

It was one thing to see First Daughter Ivanka Trump blatantly violate ethics laws by using her official government position to hawk a can of Goya’s black beans on her Twitter account. The photo, featuring Ivanka posed like an off-brand game show presenter, was merely tone-deaf, and she was properly excoriated for it by other social media users.


But when her father followed suit, it was an act in the same vein as the rhetoric that’s defined all the rest of his presidency: Trolling.

Donald Trump derives glee from the suffering of others and causes it himself as often as possible, and he inspires that same sentiment in his followers. Take THAT, liberals. Take THAT, immigrants. Take THAT, poverty-stricken, Native Americans, women, transsexuals, peace-lovers, and anyone in between who even remotely disagrees with anything he does.

I think that feeling is at the root of Chris Cuomo’s animated response last night to Trump’s Instagram post featuring him posing with an absurd assortment of Goya products inside the Oval Office, and although we do know that there’s essentially nothing we can do about any of this flagrant assholery from the White House until we have an opportunity to send him packing at the polls, there’s something very cathartic about watching a CNN anchor get outraged on America’s collective behalf: Is Trump SERIOUS right now?

Breathe deeply, watch the video while nodding, and brace yourself for a tumultuous second half of the year. Trump promises to make it even more bizarre than it’s already been.

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