CNN Host Calls Out Nikki Haley Over Her Defense Of Trump By Playing Clips Of Her “Trashing” POTUS During Live Segment

This is pathetic.

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Nikki Haley, the onetime governor of South Carolina and former Ambassador to the United Nations under Donald Trump, has been back in the news lately. Her memoir, With All Due Respect, makes some pretty bold claims — among them, that former Chief of Staff John Kelly and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attempted to “recruit” her to mutiny against Trump and thwart his agenda, a charge that at least Tillerson denies.

Now that she’s found her footing as a newly-minted defender of Trump, ironically in perhaps an embrace of the changing nature of the post-Trump Republican Party, people have some questions, specifically about her statement that Trump has “always been truthful” in dealing with her.

One of those people today was CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who hosted Haley on his show, The Situation Room. Blitzer spoke with her a while before turning the subject to her past objections to Trump, and how publicly, she basically called Trump unfit to be a dog catcher back in 2016.


Among the clips he showed of her was one where she declared that Trump was “everything” she taught her children “not to do in Kindergarten,” and further segments where she called him a liar and an “angry voice” that we must “resist.”

In fact, Blitzer pointed out, Trump had even personally attacked her back in 2016 with a tweet aimed at her by name — one that’s still posted today:

Watch the segment with Wolf:

Haley went on to claim that the “issues I had with him then, I did have with him,” and that she had spoken to him about her issues and continues to speak with him about any problems she has with him.

The problem is, none of his behavior has changed. He is still the same lying, angry voice that he was in 2016 — worse by probably every measure.

Although Haley complains that she hates to be called “ambitious,” preferring “badass” instead, this is clearly a case of simple ambition for her to essentially denounce what she conveyed in 2016 as her values and pretend that Trump doesn’t speak, act, or govern like that today.

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