Chelsea Clinton Just Took A Dig At Trump Over Claims He Was Unreachable: “The President Is Always Reachable If He Or She Cares To Be”

It's pretty simple, actually.

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The only things more ridiculous than Donald Trump’s proclamations are his excuses for why he said them when it invariably turns out they’re stupid, racist, or a combination of both.

After he retweeted a video from a supporter that depicted a bunch of 70-somethings at his golf course, cruising through the resort in golf carts festooned with Trump paraphernalia and screaming “WHITE POWER,” it wasn’t exactly a scramble to get the offending tweet taken down — it stayed online for a depressing three whole hours, being retweeted tens of thousands of times by his unhinged bigoted base.

But surely someone was immediately at his side to let him know — if he didn’t already, as he claimed — that someone had shouted the phrase a mere 8 seconds into the video. It was literally impossible to have missed, and it was everywhere on the internet in minutes after going up on the president’s account.


There is absolutely no way that Trump didn’t hear about having “inadvertently” amplified a white supremacist message.

But that’s what they’re running with. White House officials claim that they tried their gosh-darn hardest to reach the very, very busy stable genius president, but that the commander in chief had put his phone down to enjoy the golf game he immediately went to play after tweeting the WHITE POWER video.

Unfortunately for the dignity of this White House, there are still a few people around who know what it’s like to get in touch with a President when you need to. And the one that seems to snatch up all the good responses when they use dumbass excuses like this has had high-profile parents for her entire life.

Her take?

Hear that, Trump White House officials? Chelsea Clinton used to get ahold of her dad in a giant glass box that doesn’t even EXIST anymore with nothing but a little disk of copper-nickel alloy and her name at the switchboard.

There are only a few possibilities here:

  • You’re lying
  • Trump REALLY hates to be interrupted while golfing
  • You’re devastatingly incompetent

If I’m being honest, none of those look good for you or for Donald Trump.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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