Body Language Expert Offered Damning Assessment Of Trump’s Infamously Creepy Photo-Op And It Appears To Explain A Lot

This explains A LOT!

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It’s certainly clear that Donald Trump is making a one-man dog and pony show out of his “presidential power” after finding himself brutally humiliated for retreating to his underground bunker in the White House, Hitler style, as protests against police brutality raged outside his front door.

In the aftermath of the “BunkerBoy” hashtags that were trending on social media for days, Trump pulled out all the stops to ensure that he was seen by the public like some sort of macho man dictator wannabe — which ultimately resulted in the force of the United States National Guard, equipped with rubber bullets and tear gas, being brought down upon thousands of protesters in the streets.

Building on his efforts to be seen outside on the White House and dispel the idea that he’s a sniveling bunker baby, Trump and Melania branched out from the church across the street from their current dwelling to visit the Saint John Paul II National Shrine.


It’s creepy enough that Trump is using various churches to prop up his total authoritarian dream. However, social media users found it impossible to ignore the actual creep factor of the photos that Melania posted to her social media account of their visit to the shrine, all of which were eerily reminiscent of a horror movie cover.

The pictures featured the Trump couple with solemn, almost possessed looking expressions as they stood motionless in the church.

Frankly, it was freaky.

But one popular body language expert has now weighed in on the infamous photos with a much deeper analysis of what was really going on during that visit.

And I have to say… It makes a lot of sense.

Check out Dr. Jack Brown’s Twitter thread:

Sulking, petulant child that’s afraid of Jesus, you say?

If that doesn’t hit the nail right on the head, I don’t know what will.

Featured image via DoD/Andy Morataya

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