Body Language Expert Has Interesting Theory Regarding Dr. Birx And It Involves “Physical Harm”

This is stomach-churning!

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Chances are until this global deadly pandemic hit, you had never heard of Dr. Deborah Birx. However, now that the country is neck-deep in a largely fatal outbreak of coronavirus, she’s become a bit of a household name — and not necessarily for good reason.

Dr. Birx is an American physician who has served as the United States Global AIDS Coordinator for the last two presidential administrations. But she really rose to “fame” as one of the first to join Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator back in February.

And Americans quickly noticed that Deborah’s concern seemed to lie much more with the reputation of Donald Trump than it did or does lie with the health and safety of the American public.


Frankly, it really makes no sense.

The woman was a respectable doctor who worked for the likes of Barack Obama, who constructed a complete pandemic playbook that Donald Trump ultimately trashed, only to end up trying to make excuses for the guy who has screwed this entire nation, caused hundreds of thousands of deaths with his lack of response, and suggested bleach injections as a viable treatment for this pandemic.

It’s hard to figure out, really.

But one Twitter user who describes himself as a body language expert has an interesting theory as to why Dr. Birx has all but thrown her own reputation in the garbage, and it’s impossible to ignore.

With high likelihood, history will show that #DrBirx has been bribed, kompromated, and/or most likely threatened with physical harm. Her verbal, nonverbal, and paralanguage behavior are that of an abused person,” Dr. Jack Brown wrote on his Twitter account. 

Is something going on with Dr. Birx behind closed doors? Frankly, I really wouldn’t doubt that Donald Trump and his administration are putting her in a position that prevents her from acting with dignity and respect.

If you ask me, this needs to be looked into. Sooner than later.

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