Bob Mueller Perfectly Responds To Trump After He Asks For “Witch Hunt” To Stop And It’s Brilliant

Maybe the GOP needs to get together with Trump for a talk.

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Gee, after a year like the one America has been witnessing on Donald Trump’s Twitter timeline, it’s just some kind of freaky coincidence that a report from ABC News says Special Counsel Robert Mueller still wants to sit down and ask the President all about obstruction of justice… right? I mean, publicly obstructing justice all over the internet would naturally lead to a criminal prosecutor wanting to ask you about it.

Except that as it turns out, Donald Trump learned about Mueller’s new line of questioning just before he went off on a complete rampage on social media, calling on his Justice Department to end the Mueller probe entirely and repeating himself for at least the hundredth time about “Angry Democrats” and “collusion between Hillary and the Democrats.”

Despite learning that Mueller would “limit the scope of questioning,” the revelation sparked the panic that led to Trump’s Twitter outburst just a few months ago, during which he mentioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions by name and said he should stop the “Rigged Witch Hunt right now.”


Trump’s lawyers were quick to do damage control after the President’s outburst, noting that he didn’t issue any orders, but rather was simply stating his opinion about what should happen regarding the investigation.

Which we’re totally sure that Bob Mueller 100 percent believes.

To this day, Trump continues to tweet the same old lines:

He’s even more brazen these days, calling out Mueller by name. Maybe he thinks he can actually stop this thing still, even after the fabled Special Investigator just flipped his biggest fish yet.

Either way, most legal scholars at this point agree that there is enough evidence even just on Trump’s social media accounts that the President’s team hasn’t bothered to delete to constitute obstruction charges on which Trump would surely be convicted.

And from Mueller? Sometimes the best response is to say nothing at all.

We’ll see how eager Trump is to sit down with his old friend Bob.

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