Bill Barr’s Reaction After Reporter Asks Him About Trump’s Commutation Of Roger Stone Says It All

This is CLASSIC.

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Donald Trump has an especially contentious relationship with Chinese-born White House Correspondent for CBS Weijia Jiang. It’s pretty well-known that Trump doesn’t like fielding questions from women at all, least of all nonwhite women, and that he regularly conflates someone’s race or ethnicity with being loyal to the place he perceives them to be “from.”

But if Trump’s hatred of Jiang is obvious to the rest of us, it hasn’t trickled down to his underlings yet — just today, she approached Attorney General Bill Barr with questions, and as he turned around, he looked genuinely happy to see her.

Part of that is the fact that Barr loves answering questions in a hostile way and gaslighting people into questioning whether they know what they think they know is his specialty. This is his second tour as US Attorney General, after all, and he’s presided over some of the biggest elephant-in-the-room-ignoring the world has ever seen.


But then Jiang had the nerve to ask about something Barr had weighed in on just days prior, but which she “rightly” assumed he’d been forced to change his position on after Trump changed his own position on it: The sentence commutation of Roger Stone.

Trump ally Stone had been convicted in a jury trial — and remains convicted, unlike if he’d been pardoned — although he will now no longer serve the 40 months in prison he’d have had in store if Trump hadn’t stepped in on his behalf. Immediately prior to the president’s Friday decision, Barr had told reporters that he thought the prosecution of Stone had been “righteous” and that he thought the sentence was “fair.”

But by the time Jiang questioned him today, it was obvious he’d made the decision not to question Trump’s decision in public:

But even though Barr says nothing in response, the crestfallen look on his face as it registers first the joy of someone wanting to interview him, then the shock and disgust that they want to ask him uncomfortable questions, is absolutely priceless.

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