Bill Barr During An Exclusive CNN Interview: “It’s Very Rare For An Unarmed African-American To Be Shot By A White Police Officer”

This is ridiculous.

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I often think that the fact that America’s Attorney General is also technically the top law enforcement officer in the country is lost on people and has been for a long time. But the disconnect, in my opinion, has never been more pronounced than during the period in which that post has been filled by William Barr, who seems to believe the purpose of his office is to commit crimes, rather than prosecute them.

That sounds like hyperbole, but it’s actually a pretty easy conclusion to reach when you watch the way Barr has fastidiously protected Donald Trump and shielded him from any accountability for the illegal things he’s done in office. Even the obstruction of justice that Trump clearly committed as outlined in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation — an independent inquiry — was whitewashed and “summarized” by Trump’s Attorney General, swept under the rug, and promptly forgotten about as something that Barr himself determined wasn’t worth pursuing.

Most who remember Barr from his first go-round in the DOJ during the Iran-Contra era chalk up his behavior to his fervent belief in the unitary executive theory — the notion that the US President has far more power than is expressly granted by the Constitution.


But his underhandedness and lies have now reached a point that it’s become impossible to even hear anything Barr says without either laughing or crying. He is absolutely trying to write the narrative in America, and mostly the media is letting him. Barr has been an architect of the conversation around protests and demonstrations in the country following the murders of unarmed Black me at the hands of police and what the law enforcement and government response should be.

But recently, Bill Barr said during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer not only that he thought the narrative of an epidemic of police violence against minorities was false, but that it was rare for it to occur:

Mr. Attorney General, sir, I get that you have to hold up your end of the Trump administration’s fable of moral and legal superiority. But we’re watching this happen on what feels like a daily basis. Unarmed Black males are nearly three times as likely to be shot by a police officer than an unarmed white man, and more likely even than an armed white man to be killed by the cops.

Don’t piss on our heads and tell us it’s rain, sir.

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