Best Selling Author Claims He’s Received Communications From Whistleblowers Inside Trump Administration Saying Donald Has Suffered A “Series” Of “Mini-Strokes” During His Presidency

Trump's health is clearly worse than anyone is letting on.

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A best-selling author has come forward to claim that whistleblowers have informed him that Donald Trump has suffered a “series of mini-strokes” during his presidency that would explain his behavior.

As we have all seen and heard, Trump has had difficulty walking, whether it is on the golf course, across the White House lawn, or down a slight ramp. In fact, videos have shown Trump dragging his right leg in a sweeping motion. In addition, he often slurs his words and cannot stay on topic. His pupils are dilated at times and he sweats profusely. He can’t remember things and seems confused.

So, why?


Some believe drug use has something to do with it. Others believe Trump has serious mental and physical health issues that are being hidden from the public.

It turns out that while some of the “symptoms” can be explained by drug abuse, it more likely that Trump suffers from a neurological disorder, or has had a stroke.

Author Don Winslow supports the stroke theory, especially since he has allegedly been contacted by whistleblowers inside the administration who say Trump has suffered mini-strokes since taking office.

The video Winslow included in his tweet makes a disturbing case for the stroke theory. Combined with Trump’s leg sweep, the theory only gets stronger.

A stroke could also explain why Trump has so much trouble drinking a glass of water with one hand.

Clearly, something is wrong and there’s a lot about that mysterious visit to Walter Reed hospital that we still don’t know. Did Trump suffer a stroke forcing him to seek medical attention?

All of the evidence appears to point that way. However, regardless of whether it’s drugs or a stroke, it’s time for the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. They won’t do it, of course, but they should. And at the very least, Trump and his team should no longer attack Joe Biden’s mental health. Because every time they do so, it just brings more attention to Trump’s obvious cognitive weakness.

Featured image via Flickr/Michael Vadon, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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