As Trump Obsesses Over Confederate Statues Being Taken Down, A Report Claims Trump Knocked Down Historic Art To Build Trump Tower

Quelle surprise!

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The White House unveiled an executive order Friday evening on the same night of the president’s super-spreader MAGA event to create a “National Garden of American Heroes” that will feature statues of prominent Americans. Trump described it during his rambling and highly divisive speech as “a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans who ever lived.” Trump used the 4th of July weekend to divide us, not unite us as he meandered on about statues and Democrats while sweating profusely. Unsurprisingly, America’s abusive and racist grandpa is a massive hypocrite.

Mother Jones has an article that outlines the construction of Trump Tower, and how Trump had to topple the Bonwit Teller building to accomplish that. It was a luxurious limestone building that was erected in 1929.

The face of the building featured two huge Art Deco friezes that the Metropolitan Museum of Art wanted to preserve. The museum asked Trump to save the sculptures and donate them, and the mogul agreed—as long as the cost of doing so wasn’t too high.”

Harry Hurt III, in his book Lost Tycoon, explained that Trump discovered that taking out the sculptures would delay demolition by two weeks, and apparently, that was too long for him to wait. “On his orders, the demolition workers cut up the grillwork with acetylene torches,” Hurt wrote. “Then they jackhammered the friezes, dislodged them with crowbars, and pushed the remains inside the building, where they fell to the floor and shattered in a million pieces.”


The New York Times reported at the time that Trump also lost a large bronze grillwork that measured twenty-five feet in length from the building that the museum had hoped to save. Apparently, structures don’t matter if you have to wait two weeks before toppling them.

Trump has used several fake aliases in the past, and in this case, he used John Baron when speaking to the Times to claim the friezes were appraised and found they were “without artistic merit” and weren’t worth the $32,000 he insisted that he would have had to pay to have them removed. “Can you imagine the museum accepting them if they were not of artistic merit?” said Ashton Hawkins, the vice president and secretary of the Met’s board of trustees in response.

“It’s odd that a person like Trump, who is spending $80 million or $100 million on this building, should squirm that it might cost as much as $32,000 to take down those panels,” Otto Teegen, who designed the bronze grillwork, told the Times, according to Mother Jones.

Geez, you guys, I’m starting to think this Donald Trump guy isn’t on the up-and-up. Trump barely mentioned the coronavirus during his speech Friday night, a disease that is ravaging the United States. Trump did, however, spend almost his entire time at the event to rage about confederate statues being toppled like a madman on drugs while this country is going through civil unrest.

You can read Mother Jones’ report here.

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