As Trump Bragged About Donating His $400K Presidential Salary, He Made More Than $237M In Golf Income Last Year

Get ready to be pissed.

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It’s really not a secret anymore that Donald Trump is spending a lot of taxpayer money on his golf outings, which have numbered nearly 300 at this point — about a quarter of his presidency spent on the links. It’s also not lost on people that the courses Donald visits are his own, which means much of that money goes into his own pocket.

But it’s hard to imagine the scale of what the President of the United States makes on his golf courses when you include profits from everyone else golfing at those courses, with Trump constantly using his podium to illegally promote them.

The easiest comparison to make, in order to put things in perspective of what Trump would like you to think about his income versus what it actually is, is the fact that since his inauguration the president has consistently given up his yearly $400,000 salary and donated it to various causes — but the amount of money he’s made from his properties and other income positively dwarfs it.


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, got hold of Trump’s financial disclosures for 2019, something every president is required to submit, and found that Donald made, in total, more than $400,000,000 last year — not all from golf, but a pretty significant portion of it.

The link inside that tweet leads to a PDF file of Trump’s financial statement listing all of his sources of income. But to simplify it for you, dear reader, I went ahead and itemized just his golf properties, and they account for a staggering $237,247,041 in income. That’s nearly sixty percent of his total income in 2019, just from the golf courses he frequents and uses his position to advertise for. The highest amount for a single course was for Doral — you’ll remember it as the one he was pushing as the location for the G7 summit.

  • 14,692,874 Jupiter (Florida)
  • 17,707,867 Bedminster (New Jersey)
  • 21,432,344 Mar-a-Lago (Florida)
  • 25,691,318 Turnberry (Scotland)
  • 12,731,575 Trump National Charlotte (North Carolina)
  • 4,423,400 Trump National Hudson Valley (New York)
  • 4,442,700 Trump National Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
  • 77,207,936 Trump National Doral (Florida)
  • 8,059,683 Trump Ferry Point (New York)
  • 4,321,067 Trump International Scotland
  • 12,622,502 Trump International Florida
  • 7,718,044 Trump National Westchester (New York)
  • 14,701,448 Trump National DC
  • 11,494,283 Trump National LA

Trump’s paltry four hundred thousand dollar donation pales in comparison with the nearly 600 times that amount he made JUST last year, JUST on his golf properties, much of which came from taxpayer money anyway. It’s hard to conceive of someone more out of touch with everyday Americans than Donald Trump, especially considering the ongoing debate over whether unemployed people in the United States — the highest number ever in terms of individuals and the highest percentage of the job market since the Great Depression — deserve to keep getting a measly $600 a week in benefits.

That $600? If the government gave it to you for a year straight, you’d make less than eight percent of the salary Trump brags about giving away. And what Trump earns by doing nothing but golfing at his courses and promoting them from the presidential podium is 7,600 times what you make on unemployment — IF Republicans even extend your benefits.

I bet you do a lot more even while unemployed than Donald Trump does.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House, Public Domain

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