As The Country Burns, New Video Of Trump’s Bizarre Behavior And Inability To Stand Up Straight Has Social Media Questioning If He’s Fit To Serve

The guy is falling apart!

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The state of Donald Trump’s health, both mental and physical, has never been anything worth writing home about. And up until recently, as much as I hate to admit it, it was sort of just funny.

Watching him make a complete ass out of himself in various different public settings was a source of dark humor when it was hard to find anything else to laugh about. But we all knew that, eventually, Trump’s multitude of problems were going to come to a head.

Things that once fueled that uncomfortable “we’re all gonna die” chuckle now force a shiver of terror down your spine as the country burns to the ground as a result of riots — against yet another police killing of a black man — and a fatal pandemic continues to squeeze the air out of this nation.


It’s no longer funny, it’s just scary at this point when the man that’s “in charge” can’t seem to even hold his own body weight up straight.

Yesterday, in the midst of all the panic and disarray in this country, Trump attended an event to watch the SpaceX rocket launch.

It was bad enough that the man is so desperate for a rally and some form of recognition and attention that he played “walk-in” music, Macho Man by The Village People, despite the fact that there was literally no crowd to be seen.

But to make matters even worse, Trump couldn’t even seem to stand still.

Throughout the event, Donald seemed to teeter-totter back and forth on his feet, shuffling around like a toddler and seemingly unable to maintain his own bodyweight in a semi-upright position.

Now, there’s honestly no telling what caused his fidgety, off-kilter behavior yesterday. But whatever the reasoning behind it was, social media users were quick to express their concern with his ability to do his job in even a halfway acceptable manor, given everything that’s going on in this country right now.

It’s time to use the 25th Amendment. Like… Yesterday. Or he’s going to get us all killed.

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