As Impeachment Trial Concludes For The Night, Trump Sends Out Tweet Suggesting Obama Is Spying On Him Through A Window

He may have really, completely lost it this time.

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Over the course of the past three years, it has been a very rare occasion for a single day to come and go where I don’t stop and think “What. The. Fuck?” as a result of some behavior, action, statement, or tweet from the sorry excuse for a “president” we’ve currently got occupying the White House.

Since Trump’s formal impeachment process was announced weeks ago, it’s gone from a very rare occasion to a nonexistent one.

Despite Donald and his team’s very best efforts, there’s absolutely no denying that the formal impeachment inquiry announcement, turned official impeachment in the House, turned Senate impeachment hearings for removal has gotten under Trump’s skin in the worst sort of way.


While he and his people have done their very best to convince the public that he’s not worried, that his polls are higher than ever before, and that this whole “sham” has done nothing but lock in another four years for America’s biggest embarrassment yet.

But the truth of the matter is, Trump is flailing now more than ever and that confidence he wants so desperately to exude is actually nothing more than very thinly-veiled paranoia and an undoubtedly overwhelming sense of impending defeat.

And frankly, all it takes is a quick glance at the man’s Twitter feed to garner all the proof of such you could ever need.

Yet another day of Trump’s Senate impeachment hearing is now in the books. And despite what I’m sure is overwhelming confidence in his GOP sycophants, Graham is shaking hands with Schiff and giving him weird-ass compliments in the hallway, no one will stay in their seats, folks are falling literally falling asleep, and his Republican loyalists on the outside just ain’t impressed with his defense team.

It just ain’t looking good.

So, it seems Donald feels he has no choice but to give the public something else to pay attention to. Luckily enough, this time it wasn’t an airstrike against a foreign country. However, it was an extremely weird, dripping with manic paranoia tweet featuring none other than one of his most favorite scapegoats — his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump loves to tout the claim that Obama spied on him and his campaign. Honestly, I’m literally waiting for the day he swears up and down that Obama installed potty cams in the White House before he left.

So, it’s no real surprise that in such a pinch, this was the right-wing conspiracy theory he fell back on.

As the hearing concluded this evening, Donnie took to his Twitter account and posted a photoshopped image of himself, leaning against a wall in Trump Tower, featuring a copy-paste version of Obama hanging on the window with a suction cup and binoculars, “spying” in on him.

Y’all… It’s weird. Like… Really weird.

But in the end, it was Vox reporter and one of my all-time favorite tweeters, Aaron Rupar who really captured the worst part of it all:

It’s just become normal.

I will tell you this — this whole Senate trial is certainly turning out to be a sham, alright. Just not in the way Donnie was really hoping for.

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