As Dr. Birx Spoke About The Virus Spreading In NY, Trump Interrupted Her To Ask If She Blamed The “Governor For That”

Dr. Deborah Birx ignored Trump when he acted like a smug prick.

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Dr. Deborah Birx was in no mood to entertain President Donald Trump’s petty vendetta against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a Fox News town hall about the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday.

Cuomo has been boldly leading his state as the virus rapidly spreads due to the population density and metal surfaces the virus can live on, such as those that are present in the busy New York subway system and elsewhere.

There is a dire need for hospital beds, ventilators, and tests, but Trump is refusing to help. And so, Cuomo has instituted a “stay at home” order all while doing the opposite of Trump by communicating clearly and honestly to the public in an effort to fight the pandemic.


Again, Trump has frequently attacked Cuomo during the crisis instead of acting like a real leader.

During the town hall, Trump’s childish petulance was on full display when he rudely interrupted Dr. Deborah Birx as she tried to explain why the virus is spreading in New York, expecting her to assign blame on Cuomo.

She explained that New York’s metropolitan area is the perfect breeding ground for a pandemic to spread because of the population density and the metal surfaces. Birx also pointed out that a lot of vacationers came back after Christmas from Asia before Trump closed the borders.

Trump then rudely interjected by asking, “Do you blame the governor for that?”

Birx didn’t respond. Instead, she ignored him and continued by noting that Europeans could have carried the virus to New York as well. After all, it’s an international hub for travelers.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Trump should have kept his mouth shut, but he just couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot at Cuomo, who is absolutely not at fault for the virus spreading in his state. Had Trump taken the pandemic seriously from the start, it’s possible our country would have been more prepared and we could have slowed or prevented the spread and it wouldn’t be so bad right now. But Trump called it a “hoax” and insisted he had it contained. He lied and people died. And people are still dying as he attacks Cuomo and desperately tries to blame anyone but himself for the crisis.

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