Americans SLAM Don Jr. After He Calls Teachers “Losers” During Rally Speech

He really didn't think this one through.

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Just like you might see at a concert, Donald Trump always needs opening acts who can fire the crowds up at his rallies and get them ready for the half hour or more of nonsense that’s about to come out of his mouth. But at a concert, the opening acts can sometimes be just as good as the headliner — maybe they just haven’t been around as long or sold as many records, but I’ve been to plenty of shows where I’ve come away having been more entertained by the opening band than the big name.

That’s not Trump’s style, though. He needs inferior idiots.

So for his “Finish The Wall” rally in El Paso, Texas on Monday night, he enlisted not just the most hated Senator in Washington, Ted Cruz, but also his own namesake, his eldest son Donald Trump Junior, who is hated by literally everyone who is not currently watching him speak and knowing his dad is coming on soon.


It’s a wonder to see Junior speak — he really has adopted many of the same vocal tics, mannerisms, and choices of phrases that his father has used over the last two years. But DJTJ’s problem is that he gets himself fired up and accidentally says things that totally explain why everyone in the universe thinks he’s an asshole.

Keep up that fight. Bring it to your schools. You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.”

Ah, yes. Attacking that horrid profession nobody likes that’s occupied by nothing but losers *checks notes* uh, teachers.

Yeah, America liked that even less than they liked his sweaty gym photos, and they took to social media to let him know:

Featured image via screen capture

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563 points